Forensic Examination

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Anti-computer Forensics - Attacks Against Computer Forensics
... In the past anti-forensic tools have focused on attacking the forensic process by destroying data, hiding data, or altering data usage information ... Anti-forensics has recently moved into a new realm where tools and techniques are focused on attacking forensic tools that perform the examinations ... These new anti-forensic methods have benefited from a number of factors to include well documented forensic examination procedures, widely known forensic tool vulnerabilities and ...
Typewritten - Forensic Examination
... Typewritten documents may be examined by forensic document examiners ... A modern description of the examination procedure is laid out in ASTM Standard E2494-08 (Standard Guide for Examination of Typewritten Items) ... Typewriter examination was used in the Leopold and Loeb and Alger Hiss cases ...
Kenton Joel Carnegie Wolf Attack - Investigation - Official Investigation
... Paul Paquet and RCMP forensic anthropologist Dr ... Moreover, we concur with the autopsy and forensic reports, which state unequivocally that no other signs, injuries, or cause of death, were observed ... hours after the accident by investigating conservation officers and taken for examination to the University of Saskatchewan ...

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