Foreign Goods

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Tableau économique - The Model
... He keeps $300 ($150 for himself, $150 for his laborer) to buy non-farm goods (clothes, household goods, etc.) from the merchants and artisans ... at that level, he needs 300 units of food and 150 units of foreign goods ... units of food, 150 units of crafts, and 150 units of foreign goods ...
Arguments For Protectionism - Domestic Tax Policies Can Favor Foreign Goods
... Protectionists believe that allowing foreign goods to enter domestic markets without being subject to tariffs or other forms of taxation, leads to a situation ... By ruling out revenue tariffs on foreign products, governments must rely solely on domestic taxation to provide its revenue, which falls disproportionately on domestic manufacturing ... by the US tax system, which imposes no appreciable tax burden on foreign goods and services sold in the US but imposes a heavy tax burden on US producers of goods and services regardless of whether they are sold ...
The Home And The World - Important Themes - Nationalism
... Such a change would do the country more harm than good ... Nationalism is also expressed through the rejection of foreign goods, which was a part of the Swadeshi movement ... Sandip was strongly against the sale of foreign goods as Bimala stated that "Sandip laid it down that all foreign articles, together with the demon of foreign influence, must be driven out of our territory ...

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    He was a laborer. Sweated his goods out for nine pound a week. He never had it so good.
    Alan Sillitoe (b. 1928)

    Frankly, I do not know how to effect a permanency in American foreign policy.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt (1882–1945)