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Walter Reade
... The Walter Reade Organization also distributed and sometimes financed foreign films for showing in American theatres and sold packages of dubbed foreign films for American television ... Reade was described by Joseph Strick, the director of that film, as "a big, bluff man who wore a fresh carnation every day" ... Reade started Continental Film Distributors in 1954 to distribute foreign films in the USA ...
Censorship In The People's Republic Of China - Media, Communication and Education Controls - Film
... See also List of banned films China has a large diversity of different foreign films broadcasted through the media and sold in markets ... China has no motion picture rating system, and films must therefore be deemed suitable for all audiences to be allowed to screen ... For foreign-made films, this sometimes means controversial footage must be cut before such films can play in Chinese cinemas ...
Cinema Of Indonesia - History - 2010s
... the substantial increase in tax applied to foreign films cinemas no longer have access to any foreign films, including prominent films that are ... Foreign films include major box offices from western, European and other major film industries of the world ... pirated DVDs now take a much longer time requirement to obtain the demanded foreign films making the standard cost to have access to foreign films a min of 1 million Rupiah ...
Dubbing (filmmaking) - Practice of Dubbing Foreign Films Throughout The World - Asia
... China has a long tradition of generally dubbing foreign films into Mandarin Chinese, starting in the 1930s ... Beginning in the late 1970s, not only films, but popular TV series from the United States, Japan, Brazil, and Mexico were also dubbed ... The Shanghai Film Dubbing Studio has been the most celebrated one in the film dubbing industry in China ...
Bill Majoros
... vocalist / Multi-instrumentalist of Psychedelic pop act The Foreign Films ... The Foreign Films debut double length CD "Distant Star" was released in 2007.Co-produced along with Hamilton, ON producer Carl Jennings, the CD was nominated for "Album of the Year" Hamilton Music Awards 2007 ... Bill Majoros,once again under the name The Foreign Films,released a four song ep to critical acclaim in Nov 2010 ...

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    Television does not dominate or insist, as movies do. It is not sensational, but taken for granted. Insistence would destroy it, for its message is so dire that it relies on being the background drone that counters silence. For most of us, it is something turned on and off as we would the light. It is a service, not a luxury or a thing of choice.
    David Thomson, U.S. film historian. America in the Dark: The Impact of Hollywood Films on American Culture, ch. 8, William Morrow (1977)

    It’s not that I don’t want to be a beauty, that I don’t yearn to be dripping with glamor. It’s just that I can’t see how any woman can find time to do to herself all the things that must apparently be done to make herself beautiful and, having once done them, how anyone without the strength of mind of a foreign missionary can keep up such a regime.
    Cornelia Otis Skinner (1901–1979)