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Folding Screen - Uses
... Although the folding screen was originally from China, it can now be found in many interior designs throughout the world ... Some of the first uses of the folding screen were rather practical ... in the hanzi (Chinese characters) of its Chinese name (屏, literally "screen blocking" 風, literally "wind") ...
Coromandel Screen
... A Coromandel screen is a Chinese wooden folding screen coated in dark lacquer that is carved before being painted with gold or varied colors ... The lacquer techniques for Coromandel screens, known as kuancai (literally "incised colors"), emerged during the late Ming Dynasty (1368–1644) and were applied to ... The screens were made in China and appeared in Europe during the late 17th century ...
Folding Screen - History - Spread To Europe
... Folding screens were introduced in the Late Middle Ages to Europe ... In the 17th and 18th century, many folding screens were being imported from China to Europe ... the French had a certain admiration and desire for the Chinese folding screens along with the rest of Europe and they began importing large lacquered folding screens ...
Folding Screen - History - Spread Throughout East Asia - Japan
... Like many Japanese arts and crafts, folding screens originated in China ... According to the 8th century work Nihon Shoki, one of the earliest folding screens to reach Japan was during the reign of Emperor Temmu (r ... By the 8th century, folding screens became well known in Japan through China during the Tang Dynasty (618–907), which led Japanese craftsmen to ...

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