Folding Screen

A folding screen is a type of free-standing furniture. It consists of several frames or panels, which are often connected by hinges or by other means. It can be made in a variety of designs and with different kinds of materials. Folding screens have many practical and decorative uses. It originated from ancient China, eventually spreading to East Asia, Europe, and other regions of the world.

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Folding Screen - Uses
... Although the folding screen was originally from China, it can now be found in many interior designs throughout the world ... Some of the first uses of the folding screen were rather practical ... homes as is indicated in the hanzi (Chinese characters) of its Chinese name (屏, literally "screen blocking" 風, literally "wind") ...
List Of Spanish Words Of Chinese Origin - List
... biombo= folding screen from Portuguese biombo, from Japanese byōbu, from Chinese pingfeng (屏風), "folding screen," from ping "folding screen," + feng "wind." bonzo= Buddhist monk ...

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