Focal and Diffuse Brain Injury

Focal And Diffuse Brain Injury

Focal and diffuse brain injury are ways to classify brain injury: focal injury occurs in a specific location, while diffuse injury occurs over a more widespread area. It is common for both focal and diffuse damage to occur as the result of the same event; many traumatic brain injuries have aspects of both focal and diffuse injury. Focal injuries are commonly associated with an injury in which the head strikes or is struck by an object; diffuse injuries are more often found in acceleration/deceleration injuries, in which the head does not necessarily contact anything, but brain tissue is damaged because tissue types with varying densities accelerate at different rates. In addition to physical trauma, other types of brain injury, such as stroke, can also produce focal and diffuse injuries. There may be primary and secondary brain injury processes.

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Focal And Diffuse Brain Injury - Diffuse
... Diffuse injuries, also called multifocal injuries, include brain injury due to hypoxia, meningitis, and damage to blood vessels ... Unlike focal injuries, which are usually easy to detect using imaging, diffuse injuries may be difficult to detect and define often, much of the damage is microscopic ... Diffuse injuries can result from acceleration/deceleration injuries ...

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