Flying Turns

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Euclid Beach Park - Rides and Attractions - Roller Coasters - The Flying Turns
... The Flying Turns was the name of a roller coaster at Euclid Beach Park, but it was also the name for a type of roller coaster ... The first Flying Turns ride was built and operated at Lakeside Park in Dayton, Ohio ... The Flying Turns at Euclid Beach Park was the second to be built (there would later be a half-dozen more, including one at Coney Island) ...
Bobsled Roller Coaster
... the first bobsled coasters, known as Flying Turns, were made of wood ... As of 2007, there are no Flying Turns coasters in operation however, Knoebels in Pennsylvania is planning on opening the world's first modern flying turns ... Both the Bobsled Coaster and the Flying Turns coaster are buildable in the Rollercoaster Tycoon and Thrillville series of Video Games ...

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