Flying Teapot

Flying teapot may refer to:

  • Russell's teapot, a philosophical analogy first coined by Bertrand Russell
  • Flying Teapot (album), a 1973 album by the progressive rock band Gong
  • The Stanley Steamer, a vehicle made by the Stanley Motor Carriage Company

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Daevid Allen - Biography
... Steve Hillage and Pierre Moerlen joined to record the Radio Gnome Trilogy which consisted of Flying Teapot, Angel's Egg and You.The Flying Teapot Trilogy (Flying Teapot, Angels Egg and You ...
Flying Teapot (album)
... Flying Teapot is an album by Gong, originally released by Virgin in 1973 ... The Flying Teapot Trilogy (Flying Teapot, Angel's Egg and You) was influenced by Russell's teapot an idea that is referred to by Allen in his books 'Gong Dreaming' ...

Famous quotes containing the words teapot and/or flying:

    Miss Ghote ... hadn’t the slightest intention of sitting passively by and allowing her neighbor the luxury of placing the teapot of her Episcopalian proclivities on her Baptist trivet.
    Alexander Theroux (b. 1940)

    No throne exists that has a right to exist, and no symbol of it, flying from any flagstaff, is righteously entitled to wear any device but the skull and crossbones of that kindred industry which differs from royalty only businesswise-merely as retail differs from wholesale.
    Mark Twain [Samuel Langhorne Clemens] (1835–1910)