Flow Cytometry - Measurable Parameters

Measurable Parameters

This list is very long and constantly expanding.

  • used for confirming diagnosis of chronic lymphocytic leukemia
  • volume and morphological complexity of cells
  • cell pigments such as chlorophyll or phycoerythrin
  • total DNA content (cell cycle analysis, cell kinetics, proliferation, ploidy, aneuploidy, endoreduplication, etc.)
  • total RNA content
  • DNA copy number variation (by Flow-FISH or BACs-on-Beads technology)
  • chromosome analysis and sorting (library construction, chromosome paint)
  • protein expression and localization
  • Protein modifications, phospho-proteins
  • transgenic products in vivo, particularly the Green fluorescent protein or related Fluorescent Proteins
  • cell surface antigens (Cluster of differentiation (CD) markers)
  • intracellular antigens (various cytokines, secondary mediators, etc.)
  • nuclear antigens
  • enzymatic activity
  • pH, intracellular ionized calcium, magnesium, membrane potential
  • membrane fluidity
  • apoptosis (quantification, measurement of DNA degradation, mitochondrial membrane potential, permeability changes, caspase activity)
  • cell viability
  • monitoring electropermeabilization of cells
  • oxidative burst
  • characterising multidrug resistance (MDR) in cancer cells
  • glutathione
  • various combinations (DNA/surface antigens, etc.)
  • cell adherence (for instance pathogen-host cell adherence)

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