Flood Control Act of 1939

Flood Control Act of 1939 (FCA 1939) Pub.L. 76–396 (ch. 699, 53 Stat. 1414), enacted on August 11, 1939 by the 76th Congress, is U.S. legislation that authorized construction of flood control projects across the United States. The passage of FCA 1939, authorized the transfer of ownership of the local and state dams to the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

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... Other flood control provisions enacted in 1939 can be found under the Omnibus Flood Control Act, which authorized 35 preliminary flood control surveys declared the Alamorga Dam and ... the State-Justice-Commerce Appropriation Act (approved June 29), which authorized projects on the Rio Grande ... the Military Appropriation Act (approved April 26), which granted $305,188,584 for the civil functions of the War Department ...

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