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Floating Island (fiction) - Uses in Media - Literature
... The first floating island encountered in literature is the home of the four winds, Aeolia, as recounted in Homer's The Odyssey ... However, it is unclear whether this island floated in the water or in the air ... Some other mythological islands, such as the Symplegades and the Planctae in Greek mythology or Tír na nÓg in Irish mythology, moved about in the sea and may have been viewed as floating ...
Floating Island (fiction) - Uses in Media - Video Games
... Floating islands and continents are too common an element in video games for every appearance to be listed ... However, a few examples of video games that have floating islands as a central theme or motif include Stratosphere Conquest of the Skies is based around combat between ... Granstream Saga takes place on floating islands ...
Floating Island - Artificial Islands
... Floating artificial islands are generally made of bundled reeds, and the best known examples are those of the Uros people of Lake Titicaca, Peru, who build their villages upon ... The Uros originally created their islands to prevent attacks by their more aggressive neighbours, the Incas and Collas ... surrounded with chinampas, small artificial islands used for agriculture known as "floating gardens" (though not really floating) ...

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    It is only for a little while, only occasionally, methinks, that we want a garden. Surely a good man need not be at the labor to level a hill for the sake of a prospect, or raise fruits and flowers, and construct floating islands, for the sake of a paradise. He enjoys better prospects than lie behind any hill. Where an angel travels it will be paradise all the way, but where Satan travels it will be burning marl and cinders.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)