Flavor of Love (season 3) - Episodes - "'When Flavorettes Attack"

"'When Flavorettes Attack"

First aired April 21, 2008

In this episode, Flav takes the girls to the Power 106 station for an appearance on Big Boy's Neighborhood. Flav is interviewed first and then leaves the girls to be interviewed. The girls don't know that Flav was listening to the entire radio show. The girls began to swear on the show until ultimately, they were kicked off of the air. They were eventually allowed back on and the callers thought that Seezinz was the best choice for Flav. People began to call in with reaction to the fight insinuated by Sinceer and Thing 2 against Seezinz earlier on the air. An overwhelming amount of callers sided with Seezinz. Black made her presence known on the radio without getting caught up in the drama. Tree became reserved during the radio show. The radio hosts awarded the two dates to Black because of her composure and Seezinz due to her winning over the callers. Tree was eliminated.

  • Challenge: Radio Interview
  • Challenge Winners: Black, Seezinz
  • Last Clock: Sinceer
  • Eliminated: Tree

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