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Time Immemorial
... Time immemorial is a phrase meaning time extending beyond the reach of memory, record, or tradition, indefinitely ancient, "ancient beyond memory or record" ... the same as time out of mind, "a time before legal history and beyond legal memory." In 1275, by the first Statute of Westminster, the time of memory was limited to the ... In 1832, time immemorial was re-defined as "Time whereof the Memory of Man runneth not to the contrary." The plan of dating legal memory from a fixed time was abandoned ...
Program Counter - Hardware Implementation
... the CPU places the value of PC on the address bus to send it to the memory ... The memory responds by sending the contents of that memory location on the data bus ... computer model, in which executable instructions are stored alongside ordinary data in memory, and handled identically by it) ...
Memory Management
... Memory management is the act of managing computer memory ... The essential requirement of memory management is to provide ways to dynamically allocate portions of memory to programs at their request, and freeing it for ... Several methods have been devised that increase the effectiveness of memory management ...
Critique of Flashbulb Memory Research
... Flashbulb memory research tends to focus on public events that have a negative valence ... This is due to the nature of the variables needed for flashbulb memory research the experience of a surprising event is hard to manipulate ... Additionally, little research has been done on gender differences and flashbulb memory, although it exists for general memory ...

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    After all, the ultimate goal of all research is not objectivity, but truth.
    Helene Deutsch (1884–1982)

    I hid my love when young till I
    Couldn’t bear the buzzing of a fly;
    I hid my life to my despite
    Till I could not bear to look at light:
    I dare not gaze upon her face
    But left her memory in each place;
    Where’er I saw a wild flower lie
    I kissed and bade my love good-bye.
    John Clare (1793–1864)