Flame Front

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Deflagration - Flame Physics
... The underlying flame physics can be understood with the help of an idealized model consisting of a uniform one-dimensional tube of unburnt and burned gaseous fuel, separated by a thin transitional region of ... The burning region is commonly referred to as the flame or flame front ... In equilibrium, thermal diffusion across the flame front is balanced by the heat supplied by burning ...
Back-fire - Explanation
... The flame front will travel back in to the intake manifold, igniting all of that air and fuel as well ... A common air filter will allow the gases to escape, but will block the flame front ... is placed over the intake of the carburetor as a flame arrestor to prevent these flames from escaping the intake, and potentially igniting fuel, or fuel vapors in the enclosed ...
Premixed Flame
... A premixed flame is a flame in which the oxidizer has been mixed with the fuel before it reaches the flame front ... This creates a thin flame front as all of the reactants are readily available ... If the mixture is rich, a diffusion flame will generally be found farther downstream ...

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