Flame Bomber

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Bomberman Jetters - Characters - Bomber Shitennou
... These bombers were created in episode 13 by Mujoe using Mechado's new combination machines on groups of Rapid Panther, Triple Shell, Pteragodon, and Elex ... The quartet have the ability to create unique arenas that maximize that individual bomber's powers ... Flame Bomber – A flame-wielding Bomber who was the first Bomber Shitennou seen in action Flame Bomber defeated White Bomber ...
Bomberman Jetters - Episodes
... Bonbāman" (憧れボンバーマン) 2002-10-02 Mighty returns to Planet Bomber to guard the cosmo diamond ... In planet Kurodaiya, Mujoe discovers Coma bomber could not bore through earth, so he orders the soldiers to dig holes ... search for a unique sailor-suited fish head figurehead in Planet Resort 10 "The Dusk of Bomber Star" "Yūyake no Bomustā" (夕燒(ゆうや)けのボムスター) 2002-12-04 When Shirobon's ship crash ...

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