Fixed Priority

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Scheduling Algorithms - Operating System Process Scheduler Implementations - AIX
... blocked, it voluntarily yields control of the CPU, or a higher-priority thread becomes dispatchable ... Only fixed-priority threads can have a FIFO scheduling policy ... the queue of dispatchable threads of its priority ...
Deadline-monotonic Scheduling
... Deadline-monotonic priority assignment is a priority assignment policy used with fixed priority pre-emptive scheduling ... With deadline-monotonic priority assignment, tasks are assigned priorities according to their deadlines the task with the shortest deadline being assigned the highest priority ... This priority assignment policy is optimal for a set of periodic or sporadic tasks which comply with the following restrictive system model All tasks have deadlines less ...

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    It can be fairly argued that the highest priority for mankind is to save itself from extinction. However, it can also be argued that a society that neglects its children and robs them of their human potential can extinguish itself without an external enemy.
    Selma Fraiberg (20th century)

    I was not at all shocked with this execution at the time. John died seemingly without much pain. He was effectually hanged, the rope having fixed upon his neck very firmly, and he was allowed to hang near three quarters of an hour; so that any attempt to recover him would have been in vain. I comforted myself in thinking that by giving up the scheme I had avoided much anxiety and uneasiness.
    James Boswell (1740–1795)