Fixed-mobile Convergence - Handset Agnostic

Handset Agnostic

We mentioned above that basic PBX mobility can work with any cellular handset. At the other extreme, carrier FMC usually only works with particular handsets. For example the T-Mobile@Home service works with only three handsets, one each from Nokia, Motorola and RIM. Client software for enterprise FMC almost always works on phones that run the Windows Mobile or S60 operating systems, particularly HTC phones and the Nokia Eseries respectively. Other smartphone operating systems that may be supported include Linux and RIM, and in the future Android and iOS (iPhone). Handset agnosticism is a major selling point. A handset agnostic system is more attractive to enterprise FMC customers than one that limits the choice of handsets. OptiCaller Software has developed mobile PBX software/apps for most smartphone platforms (Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Windows Phone), which also fits to any PBX and Centrex systems.

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