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In the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, fish and chips usually sell through independent restaurants and take-aways. Outlets range from small affairs to chain restaurants. Locally-owned seafood restaurants are also popular in many local markets. Mobile "chip vans" serve to cater for temporary occasions. In the United Kingdom some shops have amusing names, such as "A Batter Plaice", "Salmon to Watch Over Me", "A Salt and Battery", "The Codfather","The Frying Scotsman","Oh My Cod", "Mullet Over" and "Chip Off The Old Block". In countries such as New Zealand and Australia, fish-and-chip vendors are a popular business and source of income among the Asian community, particularly Chinese migrants.

Fish and chips is a popular lunch meal eaten by families travelling to seaside resorts for day trips, who do not bring their own picnic meals.

Fish-and-chip outlets sell roughly 25% of all the white fish consumed in the United Kingdom, and 10% of all potatoes.

The existence of numerous competitions and awards for "best fish-and-chip shop" testifies to the recognised status of this type of outlet in popular culture.

Fish-and-chip shops traditionally wrapped their product in newspaper, or with an inner layer of white paper (for hygiene) and an outer layer of newspaper or blank newsprint (for insulation and to absorb grease), though the use of newspaper for wrapping has almost ceased on grounds of hygiene. Nowadays establishments usually use food-quality wrapping paper, occasionally printed on the outside to emulate newspaper.

The British National Federation of Fish Friers was founded in 1913. It promotes fish and chips and offers training courses.

A previous world record for the "largest serving of fish and chips" held by an US restaurant was broken by Yorkshire pub Wensleydale Heifer in July 2011. An attempt to break this record was made by Doncaster fish and chip shop Scawsby Fisheries in August 2012, which served 33lb (13.6kg) of battered cod alongside 64lb (27.2kg) of chips.

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