Firing Pin

A firing pin or striker is part of the firing mechanism used in a firearm or explosive device e.g. an M14 landmine or bomb fuze. Firing pins may take many forms, though the types used in landmines, bombs, grenade fuzes or other single-use devices generally have a sharpened point. In contrast, firing pins used in firearms usually have a small, rounded portion designed to strike the primer of a cartridge, detonating the priming compound, which then ignites the propellant (in the case of firearms) or fires the detonator and booster.

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Charter Arms Bulldog - Description - Performance
... When the gun is fired, the hammer does not actually strike the firing pin ... Under normal firing circumstances a small steel bar (called a transfer bar) is raised when the hammer is cocked, placing it into a position between the firing pin and the hammer itself ... falling hammer strikes the transfer bar, which in turn strikes the firing pin, discharging the weapon ...
SIG Sauer P230 - Design
... about an eighth of an inch from the rear of the firing pin ... to drop completely and contact the firing pin, which would otherwise greatly increase the risk of the unintentional discharge of a chambered round ... In addition, the SIG P232 has an automatic firing pin safety ...
Star Ultrastar
... The Ultrastars firing pin/safety system is substantially that of the M28/30/31 ... The firing pin stop plate is set up as usual depress the firing pin to slide the plate up and off ... The drop safety will, of course, have to be depressed to allow enough travel in the firing pin ...
Firing Pin - Images
... Cutaway view of an M4 anti-tank mine showing integral firing pin Gyata-64 anti-personnel mine PM-79 antipersonnel mine Valmara 59 bounding mine MD-82 mine (Viet ... Semtex USSR booby trap firing device - pull fuze normally connected to a tripwire USSR boobytrap firing device - pressure fuze victim steps on loose floorboard with ...
Safety (firearms) - Typical Safeties - Drop Safeties - Hammer Block
... A hammer block is similar to a firing pin block ... contacting the cartridge primer or firing pin when at rest ... Similar to the firing pin block, the obstruction to the hammer's travel is removed as a consequence of pulling the trigger ...

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