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Sotamies is the generic rank for Private, however the rank of sotamies as is no longer used in any service branch. The rank is always given the name specific to the service branch:

  • Jaeger (jääkäri) in infantry (including mortar personnel, who may be subordinated to artillery units)
  • Signalist (viestimies) in signals corps
  • Armourman (panssarimies) in tank units and Armour Jaeger (panssarijääkäri) in mechanised infantry
  • Driver (autosotamies) in transport corps
  • Gunner (tykkimies) in anti-aircraft corps, field artillery and coastal units of the Navy
  • NBC private (suojelumies) in NBC defence units
  • Engineer (pioneeri) in engineers
  • Airman (lentosotamies) in the Air Force
  • Seaman (matruusi) in the Navy
  • Coastal Jaeger (rannikkojääkäri) in certain units of Uusimaa Brigade (Uudenmaan prikaati)
  • Dragoon (rakuuna) in the Dragoon troop of Army Warfare School (Rakuunaeskadroona/Maasotakoulu)
  • Cavalryman (ratsumies) in the Häme Regiment (Hämeen rykmentti)
  • Guard Jaeger (kaartinjääkäri) in Guard Jaeger Regiment (Kaartin jääkärirykmentti)
  • Border Jaeger (rajajääkäri) in the Border Guard (conscript rank, enlisted Border Guard personnel are NCOs in ranks of Border Guard (nuorempi rajavartija), Senior Border Guard (vanhempi rajavartija), Border Guard Sergeant (ylirajavartija) and Border Guard Master Sergeant (rajavartiomestari).)

NCO students hold either the permanent rank of Private or Lance Corporal and rank accordingly. The rank of alokas is used to denote privates in basic training. The recruite, alokas is a new private, who has not been trained enough to have given a military oath or military guarantee. After having given an oath or such guarantee, the private soldier is not called anymore alokas, but he or she will be addressed as private or corresponding private level military rank.

Paratroop Jaeger (laskuvarjojääkäri) and Special Jaeger (erikoisjääkäri) in Utti Jaeger Regiment (Utin jääkärirykmentti) and Special Border Jaeger (erikoisrajajääkäri) in Special Border Jaeger company of Border and Coast Guard School (Raja- ja merivartiokoulu) are not ranks, but specializations, where NCO training is given and thus each graduate is at minimum alikersantti.

Historically, the rank of sotamies was used in generic infantry units, while the rank of Jaeger was in used only in the Jaeger Brigade in Sodankylä and in specific Jaeger battalions, which derived their traditions from the Jäger Movement.

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