Finitely Generated Algebra

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Finitely-generated Algebra - Examples
... The polynomial algebra K is finitely generated ... The polynomial algebra in countably many generators is infinitely generated ... The field E = K(t) of rational functions in one variable over a given field K is not a finitely generated algebra over K ...
Integral Element - Integral Closure - Finiteness of Integral Closure
... extension, then the integral closure of A in L is a finitely generated A-module ... Let A be a finitely generated algebra over a field k that is an integral domain with field of fractions K ... If L is a finite extension of K, then the integral closure of A in L is a finitely generated A-module and is also a finitely generated k-algebra ...
Separable Algebra - Separable Extensions For Noncommutative Rings
... Notice that an R-R-bimodule (see module theory and homological algebra) restricts to an S-S-bimodule ... separable extensions are many including first separable algebras where R = separable algebra and S = 1 times the ground field ... separable extension over the subring S generated by 1 and bRa ...
Small Cancellation Theory - Applications
... Finitely presented C'(1/6) small cancellation groups are basic examples of word-hyperbolic groups ... Finitely presented groups given by finite C(4)–T(4) presentations where every piece has length one are basic examples of CAT(0) groups for such a ... countable group can be embedded into a simple group generated by an element of order two and an element of order three ...

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