Finishing School

A finishing school (or charm school) is a school for young women that focuses on teaching social skills and cultural norms as a preparation for entry into adult society. The name reflects that it follows on from ordinary school and is intended to complete the educational experience, with classes primarily on etiquette. It may consist of an intensive course, or a one-year programme.

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The Finishing School
... The Finishing School is the last novel written by Scottish author Muriel Spark and published by Viking Press in 2004 ... It concerns 'College Sunrise', a mixed-sex finishing school in Ouchy on the banks of Lake Geneva near Lausanne in Switzerland ...
The Enola Holmes Mysteries - Major Characters
... her mother's disappearance and Mycroft's plans to send her to finishing school ... Sherlock stops pursuing Enola after realizing the horrors of finishing school, and Enola makes peace with Mycroft after impressing him by solving a case ... Mycroft attempts to make Enola into a young lady and send her off to a finishing school for girls cause her to escape to London, setting into motion the events of the series ...
Gail Godwin's Contributions To Literature
... household—composed of her grandmother, mother, and herself attended a deep-thinking private school run by a progressive order of nuns read voraciously looked to Thomas Wolfe, whose ... plays out in Godwin’s 2009 novel, Unfinished Desires, in which girls at a private school their teachers (nuns) and their parents and guardians put to the test their artistic-religious ... The Finishing School, Godwin’s 1984 novel, creates a Gothic atmosphere through the story of a young woman and her troubled, mesmerizing mentor ...
Finishing Schools in The United States
... The term finishing school is occasionally used in American parlance to refer to certain small women's colleges, primarily on the East Coast, that were ... Since the 1960s, many of these schools have become defunct as a result of financial difficulties stemming from parents' decreased interest in paying for such an education for their daughters, and ...

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    Finishing schools in the fifties were a good place to store girls for a few years before marrying them off, a satisfactory rest stop between college weekends spent husband hunting. It was a haven for those of us adept at styling each other’s hair, playing canasta, and chain smoking Pall Mall extra-long cigarettes.
    Barbara Howar (b. 1934)