Film Growth

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Stranski–Krastanov Growth - Modes of Thin-film Growth
... The growth of epitaxial (homogenous or heterogeneous) thin films on a single crystal surface depends critically on the interaction strength between ... it is possible to grow epilayers from a liquid solution, most epitaxial growth occurs via a vapor phase technique such as molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) ... In Volmer–Weber (VW) growth, adatom-adatom interactions are stronger than those of the adatom with the surface, leading to the formation of three-dimensional adatom clusters ...
Ernst G. Bauer - Thin Film Growth
... Bauer has contributed to the field of epitaxy and film growth since the mid-1950s ... He started his scientific career in Munich with the study of the growth and structure of antireflection layers with electron microscopy and electron ... thesis was concerned with the structure and growth of thin evaporated layers of ionic materials and was the first systematic extensive study of epitaxial and ...

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