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Liquid Crystal Displays

Refresh rate or the temporal resolution of an LCD is the number of times per second in which the display draws the data it is being given. Since activated LCD pixels do not flash on/off between frames, LCD monitors exhibit no refresh-induced flicker, no matter how low the refresh rate. High-end LCD televisions now feature up to 600 Hz refresh rate, which requires advanced digital processing to insert additional interpolated frames between the real images to smooth the image motion. However, such high refresh rates may not be actually supported by pixel response times and the result can be visual artifacts that distort the image in unpleasant ways.

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... (Covered Electronic Devices) Televisions that contain cathode ray tubes, liquid crystal displays, or plasma screens ... Computer monitors that contain cathode ray tubes or use liquid crystal displays ... Laptop computers and Portable DVD players with liquid crystal displays ...
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... The OLED is based on electron-hole recombination into single crystals of anthracene via charge carrier-injection through solid electrodes c.f. 9) Voltage-Dependent Optical Activity of a Twisted Nematic Liquid Crystal (TN-LCD) M ... Based on the TN-effect and the development of TN-specific liquid crystal materials, the field-effect liquid crystal display (LCD)-industry evolved ...
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... his decisive contributions to the knowledge of liquid crystal materials, their physical properties and electro-optics which have formed a basis for the breakthrough of a new display technology ... field." Special Recognition Award of American Society Information Display (SID), 1987, "For significant and continuing contributions to the theory and reduction to practice of high information ... Fl├╝ssigkristallanzeigen" (in appreciation of their invention and their development of Liquid Crystal Displays) ...

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