Fiber Amplifiers

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Erbium-doped Waveguide Amplifier - Laser Amplifiers - Doped Fiber Amplifiers
... Doped fiber amplifiers (DFAs) are optical amplifiers that use a doped optical fiber as a gain medium to amplify an optical signal ... They are related to fiber lasers ... and a pump laser are multiplexed into the doped fiber, and the signal is amplified through interaction with the doping ions ...
Double-clad Fiber - Fiber For Amplifiers and Fiber Lasers
... In modern double-clad fibers for high power fiber amplifiers and lasers, the inner cladding has a higher refractive index than the outer cladding ... The invention of cladding pumping by a Polaroid fiber research team (H ... Po, et al.) revolutionized the design of fiber amplifiers and lasers ...
Fiber Optic - Manufacturing - Materials - Silica
... Silica can be drawn into fibers at reasonably high temperatures, and has a fairly broad glass transformation range ... that fusion splicing and cleaving of silica fibers is relatively effective ... Silica fiber also has high mechanical strength against both pulling and even bending, provided that the fiber is not too thick and that the surfaces have been well ...

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