Fertilizer Subsidies

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Agriculture In Malawi - Food Shortages - After Independence
... promote price stability and subsidise seed and fertilizer prices ... reasonable sale prices, low input costs (particularly fertilizer) and farmers having some financial reserves ... Even with low fertilizer prices, maize growing was difficult ...
Washington Consensus - Subsidies For Agriculture
... the redirection of public spending from subsidies ("especially indiscriminate subsidies") toward broad-based provision of key pro-growth, pro-poor services like primary ... One area of public controversy has focused on the issues of subsidies to farmers for fertilizers and other modern farm inputs on the one hand, these can be criticized ... Some critics of the Washington Consensus cite Malawi's experience with agricultural subsidies, for example, as exemplifying perceived flaws in the package's ...

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    ...I was confronted with a virile idealism, an awareness of what man must have for manliness, dignity, and inner liberty which, by contrast, made me see how easy living had made my own group into childishly unthinking people. The Negro’s struggles and despairs have been like fertilizer in the fields of his humanity, while we, like protected children with all our basic needs supplied, have given our attention to superficialities.
    Sarah Patton Boyle, U.S. civil rights activist and author. The Desegregated Heart, part 1, ch. 19 (1962)