FERET (facial Recognition Technology)

FERET (facial Recognition Technology)

The Facial Recognition Technology (FERET) program was sponsored by The US Department of Defense (DoD) Counterdrug Technology Development Program Office. The goal of the FERET program was to develop automatic face recognition capabilities that could be employed to assist security, intelligence, and law enforcement personnel in the performance of their duties. The program consisted of three major elements:

The goal of the sponsored research was to develop face recognition algorithms. The FERET database was collected to support the sponsored research and the FERET evaluations. The FERET evaluations were performed to measure progress in algorithm development and identify future research directions.

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FERET (facial Recognition Technology) - Summary
... The DoD Counterdrug Technology Development Program Office began the Face Recognition (FERET) program in 1993 and sponsored it through its completion in 1998 ... Total funding for the program was in excess of $6.5 million ...

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