Femoral Vessels

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Femoral Hernia - Classification
... Several subtypes of femoral hernia have been described ... hernia (Narath’s hernia) The hernial sac emerges from the abdomen within the femoral sheath but lies anteriorly to the femoral vein and artery ... Serofini's hernia The hernial sac emerges behind femoral vessels Velpeau hernia The hernia sac lies in behind the femoral blood vessels in the groin ...
Iliac Fascia
... Lateral to the femoral vessels it is intimately connected to the posterior margin of the inguinal ligament, and is continuous with the transversalis fascia ... Immediately lateral to the femoral vessels the iliac fascia is prolonged backward and medialward from the inguinal ligament as a band, the iliopectineal fascia, which is attached to the iliopectineal eminence ... into two lacunæ or compartments the medial vascular lacuna transmits the femoral vessels ...
Transversalis Fascia - Borders
... the anterior superior iliac spine and the femoral vessels it is connected to the posterior margin of the inguinal ligament, and is there continuous with the iliac ... Medial to the femoral vessels it is thin and attached to the pubis and pectineal line, behind the inguinal falx, with which it is united it descends in front of the femoral vessels to form the anterior wall ...

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