Feminist Therapy - Feminist Therapists' Responsibilities

Feminist Therapists' Responsibilities

  1. Feminist therapists must integrate feminist analysis in all spheres of their work.
  2. Feminist therapists must recognize the client’s socioeconomic and political circumstances, especially with issues in access to mental health care.
  3. Feminist therapists must be actively involved in ending oppression, empowering women and girls, respecting differences, and social change.
  4. Feminist therapists must be aware of their own situated experience (their own socioeconomic and political situations as well as sex, gender, race, sexuality, etc.) and is constantly self-evaluating and remedying their own biases and oppressive actions. As well as must be learning about other dominant and non-dominant cultural and ethnic experiences.
  5. A feminist therapist must accept and validate their client’s experiences and feelings.

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