Feminist Theory in Composition Studies

Feminist Theory In Composition Studies

In composition studies, feminism’s goal is to foster a nurturing classroom that focuses on much positive, constructive feedback on writing. An instructor with a feminist pedagogy is unlikely to favor or focus on an androcentric direction of teaching nor will they give any sort of critique on the androcentric viewpoint. A feminist approach in composition “would focus on questions of difference and dominance in written language”.

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    Every thing in his composition was little; and he had all the weaknesses of a little mind, without any of the virtues, or even the vices, of a great one.
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    Every theory is a self-fulfilling prophecy that orders experience into the framework it provides.
    Ruth Hubbard (b. 1924)

    ... the Black woman in America can justly be described as a “slave of a slave.”
    Frances Beale, African American feminist and civil rights activist. The Black Woman, ch. 14 (1970)