Feminism in Poland

The history of feminism in Poland has traditionally been divided into seven "waves," beginning in the 19th century.

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Feminism In Poland - Seventh Wave (1989–now)
... New democratic Poland experienced the seventh wave of feminism and was suddenly confronted with concepts of Western second-wave feminism that at once met with fierce ... Western feminism has often been erroneously identified with the prior Communist reproductive policy, similar in some aspects, and feminism for that reason has often been ... But Polish feminism is seemingly undergoing change new feminist books include Agnieszka Graff’s Świat bez kobiet (World without Women) (2001), which directly points out ...

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    It is often said that Poland is a country where there is anti-semitism and no Jews, which is pathology in its purest state.
    Bronislaw Geremek (b. 1932)

    ... feminism is a political term and it must be recognized as such: it is political in women’s terms. What are these terms? Essentially it means making connections: between personal power and economic power, between domestic oppression and labor exploitation, between plants and chemicals, feelings and theories; it means making connections between our inside worlds and the outside world.
    Anica Vesel Mander, U.S. author and feminist, and Anne Kent Rush (b. 1945)