Felidae - Classification - Genetic Classification

Genetic Classification

Genetic research has provided a basis for a more concise classification for the living members of the cat family based on genotypical groupings. Specifically, eight genetic lineages have been identified:

  • Lineage 1: Panthera, Uncia, Neofelis
  • Lineage 2: Pardofelis, Catopuma
  • Lineage 3: Leptailurus, Caracal, Profelis
  • Lineage 4: Leopardus
  • Lineage 5: Lynx
  • Lineage 6: Puma, Acinonyx
  • Lineage 7: Prionailurus, Otocolobus
  • Lineage 8: Felis

The last four lineages are more related to each other than to any of the first four, and so form a clade within the Felinae subfamily of family Felidae.

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