Fekete (Hungarian for "black") may refer to:

  • Antal E. Fekete
  • István Fekete, Hungarian writer
  • Michael Fekete, Israeli-Hungarian mathematician
  • Fânaţe (Fekete in Hungarian), a village in Band Commune, Mureş County, Romania

Other articles related to "fekete":

Antal E. Fekete - Research - Monetary Research
... Fekete is an autodidactic on monetary economics ... In 1984, Fekete was invited by the American Institute for Economic Research to spend a year as visiting fellow ... Gold 100 commemorating that event in Johannesburg, Fekete delivered the keynote address entitled "Gold in the International Monetary System" ...
Fekete Polynomial
... In mathematics, a Fekete polynomial is a polynomial where is the Legendre symbol modulo some integer p > 1 ... They have acquired the name of Michael Fekete, who observed that the absence of real zeroes a of the Fekete polynomial with 0 < a < 1 implies an absence of the same kind for the L-function This is of ...
Antal E. Fekete - Criticism
... Most criticism levelled against Fekete originates from doctrinaire Austrian Economists ... Fekete's position is that the practise of discounting does not involve banks at all, so the criticism of bank runs is a non sequitur ... The Austrian School's critiques of Fekete could be considered "purist" critiques, and most Austrians would support the Real Bills Doctrine if the choice was between the current ...
Gene Fekete - Professional Career
... After about a year of recuperation, Fekete's knee was strong enough for him to play football again ... During the 1946 season, Fekete shared time at fullback with Marion Motley ... Browns won the AAFC championship in 1946, for which Fekete received an $833 bonus ...
Blackwells Mills Canal House - Sandor Fekete
... Sandor Fekete (1879-1970) was the last bridge tender ... His son Sandor Fekete II (1906-1983) lived in Princeton and worked as a bridge tender also ... Fekete's first job was laying brick and breaking up rocks along the Delaware and Raritan Canal ...