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The Federal Highway Police was created in 1928 during the administration of President Washington Luís Pereira de Sousa, under the name Roadway Police (Polícia das Estradas).

It is present in all units of the federation and is managed by the Federal Highway Police Department (DPRF), headquartered in Brasília. The states are divided into administrative units known as regions. A region can be a "superintendency", in the case of larger states, or a "district" in smaller states. Some regions encompass more than one Brazilian state. Regions are divided into "delegations", which coordinate the patrol posts.

Currently the PRF has over four hundred patrol posts in the most diverse Brazilian municipalities, providing a capillarity to the structure of the agency that few national institutions possess.

Despite the uniformed work, the DPRF is not a military institution and a rigid hierarchy among the police officers does not exist. The entire hierarchy is based on the functions of supervision, which can be occupied by any police officer, for example a special agent may be supervisor of an inspector.

The PRF, like other law enforcement agencies, also possesses specialized centers, such as the Special Operations Center (Núcleo de Operações Especiais or NOE), where its members receive regular training in more specialized forms of combat.

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