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Featured Topic Criteria

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A featured topic (or a good topic) is a collection of articles and/or lists that represents Wikipedia's best work in covering a subject comprehensively and with items of consistently good quality. In addition to meeting the requirements for all Wikipedia articles by all of its constituents, a good or featured topic has the following attributes.

  1. It is a set of similar, interrelated articles or lists that cover a specific topic.
    (a) There are at least three distinct articles or lists.
    (b) The articles or lists have a clear similarity with each other under a well-defined topical scope.
    (c) All articles or lists in the topic are linked together, preferably using a template, and share a common category or super-category.
    (d) There are no obvious gaps (missing or low quality articles) in the topic. A topic must not cherry pick only the best articles to become featured together.
    (e) For overview topics, every article within the scope of the topic that is not included in the topic should also be within the scope of a non-lead article that is included in the topic.
  2. The topic has an introductory and summary lead article or list.
  3. Each article or list is of high quality, including the referencing.
    (a) With featured topics only:
    (i) At least one half (50%) of the items are featured class (featured articles or featured lists), with a minimum of two featured items.
    (ii) All other articles are good articles.
    (b) With good topics only:
    (i) All items are at least featured lists or good articles.
    (c) Items that are ineligible for featured article, featured list or good article status, either due to their limited subject matter (in the case of lists only) or due to inherent instability (in the case of either articles or lists), must have passed an individual quality audit that included a completed peer review, with all important problems fixed. Such items do not count towards criteria 1(a), 3(a)(ii), or 3(b)(i).

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