Fearless (novel Series) - Third Story Arc

Third Story Arc

In the last story arc, the Rodke family moves into New York city. The Rodke Family are a wealthy and famous family that own the industrial and worldwide company Rodke pharmaceuticals. There are four members of the Rodke family; Chris Rodke (younger sibling), Liz Rodke (Twin to Chris), Skylar Rodke (older sibling of the two, who is in college) and their father, the company owner. Gaia becomes friends with the two younger children of the Rodke family, Liz and Chris Rodke, when they arrive at the Village High school. During this time in the book series the amount of drug usage and crime in the streets of New York are rising. A new drug dealer has appeared on the streets under the pseudonym "God". This drug dealer sells a new drug that appears to give temporary effects of fearlessness to the user. The drug is called "Invince" because it makes the user feel invincible and fearless. This drug was created from the original fearless serum that Loki created. But Invince has more terrible side effects than the original serum and makes its users extremely aggressive. It was not created by Loki. Eventually, Oliver and Jake work together to discover the threat behind the series of attacks on Gaia. Throughout this, Gaia meets with a world renowned geneticist, Dr. Ulrich, who works for the Rodke Pharmaceutical company and she reveals that she is fearless, in hopes of finding a cure. Dr. Ulrich tells her that he can get rid of her fearlessness forever if Gaia undergoes a surgery, and she agrees. She undergoes a surgery and her fearlessness is removed completely. Later, during the night a bunch of droogs (The name given to the people who used Invince) try to assault Gaia while she walks home. In her usual state of fearlessness, Gaia would have stayed and fought them off, but after the surgery she runs away in fear. The next day she finds out that Ed Fargo and his girl friend Kai are in critical condition due to an attack by those same droogs. Although Ed and Kai eventually recover, they both have a large scar on their backs from the assault. A week passes with Gaia in this condition of fearfulness, which leads her to seek safety, which she finds in the form of Skylar Rodke. In the finale of the book series, Gaia decides to skip going to Prom with Jake and stays at Skylar Rodke's apartment after being emotionally manipulated to stay with him for several days. Jake becomes upset and concerned at Gaia's disappearance and discovers that Chris Rodke is the drug dealer "God" by tracking him. However Chris sees him and puts an assassination hit out on Jake to all the invince drug users. Because of this, Jake is almost beaten to death by a large group of Droogs a few hours later, but Oliver Moore and his organization agents intercept the attack and he barely survives. Throughout all of this, Chris Rodke manages to sabotage the plan that the Rodke company had by telling the military (who were going to buy the Invince drug) the truth. Chris shows how dangerous and violent the drug makes the users, convincing the military and having them cancel the multi-billion dollar contract with the Rodke family. The reason Chris does this is because he feels resentful after being shunned by his father for being gay and for being the second son. After staying with Skylar for hours, Gaia finds the effects of the surgery wearing off and finds herself fearless once again. She overhears that the Rodkes are going to try to kill her in order to use her DNA to find the source of her fearlessness. In order to foil their plan she records their plans on a tape cassette and confronts Skylar Rodke. Skylar attempts to lethally sedate her with ten bodyguards but she easily outmaneuvers and wins against all of them, but she faints due to her blackout episodes and is captured by Skylar Rodke. When Gaia awakes, she is strapped into a hospital bed with and is seconds from being lethally injected with poison. After failing to escape Gaia accepts her impending death calmly, but the euthanasia processes is interrupted by Jake, Oliver Moore and Tom Moore. Chris Rodke also appears and tells Skylar that the police are on their way. In a rage, Skylar Rodke realizes that Chris Rodke sabotaged the plan on purpose, out of jealousy of his fathers affection towards Skylar Rodke. After getting in a fierce argument the two Rodke brothers try to kill each other. Chris grabs a gun from Oliver and starts shooting wildly. Two shots are aimed at Gaia and Jake throws himself in front of them to save Gaia's life. Jake bleeds to death from the gunshot wounds, while Chris and Skylar Rodke are taken into custody. Gaia is completely traumatized by the experience and feels completely broken due to the strong emotional bond she has with Jake. Gaia runs from the crime scene in tears and stops by Prom to give Ed a hug before she leaves New York forever.

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