Fearless (novel Series) - Second Story Arc

Second Story Arc

After this there is a short arc in the major storyline, in which Sam seemingly arrives back from the dead. In reality he was being held hostage for several months in a prison cell in Loki's previously occupied terrorist compound. Gaia and Sam go to the abandoned compound to search for clues to Tom Moore's whereabouts. They find nothing, but they rescue an old man named Dmitri who was also in a prison cell. Throughout their journey from Loki's compound and back, several attempts on Gaia's life are made. Gaia becomes suspicious and wonders if Sam was brainwashed during his prison time to become her enemy. Soon after, the assassins are revealed to be Tatiana and Natasha. Natasha and Tatiana work for an organization that is outside of Loki's control. They try to murder Gaia several times, because unbeknownst to Gaia, she is the heiress to the criminal organization of Yuri. This leads Gaia to search and hunt the two (who have gone missing). After they are both caught and imprisoned it is revealed that Dmitri, the old man that Gaia and Sam rescued from Loki's terrorist compound, is actually Yuri. Yuri is the criminal organization's ruthless and evil terrorist leader that Loki imprisoned after taking over his criminal organization. Yuri is Katia's father and Gaia's grandfather, and Tatiana and Natasha are revealed to be cousins to Gaia's mother. Gaia's father is discovered to be in Siberia, with help from Oliver Moore. Gaia and Jake (who was introduced earlier on in the series) leave for Siberia with Oliver Moore, who had awakened from a coma that was induced through a "fearless serum" he injected himself with. Oliver Moore gained a benevolent persona after waking and they all attempt to rescue Gaia's father from the prison compound. They succeed and then the four regroup to hunt down Yuri. They eventually manage to capture him. This success leads Gaia to accept Jake's romantic advances and also lets Gaia accept that her feelings for Sam are gone. Sam is left out of Gaia's life for the majority of the series from this point on, and Jake becomes Gaia's official boyfriend. Gaia feels that with the end of Yuri's organization and the benevolent Oliver, her troubles will finally be over. This leads into the third story arc.

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