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Loki: Loki is the main antagonist throughout most of the series. Loki is a pseudonym created by Oliver Moore, Gaia's uncle (and her fathers twin brother). As a child Oliver Moore was usually sick and weakly, he was susceptible to illnesses and contracted a rare disease. He undertook a risky treatment at a young age to help fight this rare disease (which would have killed him if left untreated). The treatment may have altered his psychological state of mind and led to his eventual aggressiveness and madness later on in his adult life. The treatment also left him sterile, and incapable of having children. From a young age the two twins (Oliver and Tom) were gifted with extraordinary intelligence and reasoning. As the two identical twins matured, Oliver and Tom both gained physical endurance, strength and a mastery over the Martial arts (Oliver was always the best out of the two in hand to hand combat). As a young adult Oliver worked for the CIA, (after catching the eye of a CIA official with a brilliant thesis paper). He later defected from his CIA position to an underground organization led by Yuri (A terrorist leader who is Katia's father, and Gaia's grandfather)after feeling that the CIA organization was exploitative (Oliver was reassigned to a lower division and Tom took his place for solving a code) and losing his chance at romancing Katia (due to the fact that Tom proposed to marry her). This leads to Oliver working with Yuri, trying to gain Katias trust. This does not work and in frustration and selfishness Oliver eventually incapacitates Tom with sedatives and takes sexual advantage of Katia by posing as Tom, on the night of Tom and Katia's wedding. After Katia is raped, Oliver manages to escape the building but is caught by Yuri, up to this point it was not revealed that Yuri is Katia's father. Oliver is not heard from again for a couple of years and it is strongly implied that he is taken as a hostage and is tortured at a terrorist camp. During this time his mental state may have become unraveled and he may have learned methods to become a terrorist leader. Eventually Oliver (going by the name Loki, by assuming that his "perfect" brother is Apollo) gains control of Yuri's terrorist organization. Through this organization he terrorizes the lives of civilians and becomes a ruthless tyrant, killing and committing illegal and inhuman atrocities to expand his underground organization. It is implied several times throughout the series that while Oliver Moore and Loki refer to the same person, the two are separate identities, with Oliver being meek, weakly, petite, and polite; while Loki is aggressive, ruthless, conceited, abusive towards others and extremely dangerous and emotionally unstable. Loki is an identical twin to his brother so they look exactly the same (except for a slight change of the chin); 6 feet tall, blond and blue eyed. In hand to hand combat Loki is not as good as Gaia, and has fled from her in order to survive. But his skills against other people are unsurpassed. Loki is more capable than Tom at martial arts and is able to incapacitate and kill four grown FBI men within seconds. His fighting style is ruthless and causes extensive irreversible damage to the victim. Loki shows extreme paranoia and has the ability to be very charming when he wants to. He is also a master at lying and can make any story sound believable, he is also extremely intelligent. Throughout the book series, Loki is depicted as having many agents and far reaching connections that he uses at his disposal, his organization is global and he is in command of all. He is immoral and will kill anybody who stands in his way, he also views people as disposable waste and tends to do as he wills. The books strongly imply that this is a result of low self-esteem, and a feeling of helplessness as a child and young adult (also a risky medical treatment as a child) that led him to create an all powerful and fearful persona as an adult. At the end of the series, Loki realizes that he needs to turn himself in to a mental hospital in order to not harm any other people. This realization comes after Loki sees part of himself in Chris Rodke and realizes that only tragedy comes from insecurity and selfishness.

David Twain: David Twain is the metaphoric brother of Gaia who is introduced in the fourth book of the series. Physiologically, he is the same as Gaia Moore; fearless. He grew up on a farm as a young child and was described as a peaceful and nice kid. Because of his fearless nature, he was eventually found and trained by Loki. Due to the intense and brutal training he received from Loki, David became mentally insane and psychotic. David was trained by Loki's organization to believe that Gaia was his superior. Because of this, he developed an intense rivalry with Gaia, unbeknownst to her. Although David was not trained in martial arts like Gaia, his fearless nature gave him similar advantages that Gaia had: super strength, agility, stamina, suppression of pain and complete fearlessness. He became obsessed with proving he is better than Gaia, to the point that he escaped from Loki's organization and began to search for her, killing people who looked similar to her along the way. He eventually reaches New York and begins to kill people, which is where the fourth book starts off. Throughout the fourth book Gaia is actively trying to track him down, as he was a mysterious but famous serial killer who's had many victims in different states. Eventually he tracked Gaia down and enrolled into her school posing as a new student. He killed a girl who looks similar to Gaia: Cassie Green, and almost attacks Mary and Gaia at the park. He set up a lunch date with Gaia the next day, pretending to have a crush on her. During the lunch date Gaia figured out who he was, and brought him over to the park. She was attacked by him in the park. Gaia barely managed to win the fight against him with the help of Ed Fargo and with the secret help of Tom Moore, who managed to shoot David with his silenced pistol. When David was incapacitated by Gaia, Gaia and Ed decide to leave him there, thinking the police will find him. David is then killed by Loki, who was secretly observing the fight. Davids part in the series was to serve as a test for Gaia, Loki wanted to find out if Gaia was capable of winning against another genetically fearless person. Because she passed, Loki decided to go ahead with his plans of kidnapping and cloning Gaia. David is physically stronger and more faster than Gaia as he was taller than her at six feet. He liked to wear a duster and loafers. David was very skinny and had blue eyes and black hair. His favorite weapon against his victims was a long thin knife, whose blade was tinted dark blue.

Ella Niven: Ella Niven is the wife of George Niven (Tom Moore's old CIA friend). Through the beginning of the Fearless series Ella and George Niven act as Guardians to Gaia Moore. Ella is somewhat short, has red hair, green eyes, is really vain and self-centered, she is considered by most men to be extremely attractive. She tries to wear revealing and seductive clothes and frequently cheats on George Niven with strangers. Gaia does not like Ella Niven at all, Ella is always sarcastic, demoralizing and rude to Gaia. Ella acts in a very sweet, nice and dumb way to most people, but in reality she is very intelligent and a cruel person. Ella acts in a very caustic way to Gaia because she secretly works for Loki as a sleeper agent, and is in love with Loki. Because Loki is always preoccupied with Gaia, Ella feels replaced (in an emotional way) by Gaia. Ella always acts spiteful and mean towards Gaia because of this and will blatantly lie, steal, and harm Gaia in any way possible. Ella was trained by Loki and knows martial arts, although Ella is not as good as Loki or Gaia, she manages to attack Gaia in a surprise attack and hurt her. When Ella learns that Loki plans to move to Europe with Gaia without letting her know, she becomes enraged and orders an assassination on Gaia. Before the assassination is carried out, she eventually realizes that she and Gaia are both being manipulated by Loki and makes a truce with Gaia, right before she gets killed by the very assassin she hired. Ella is characterized as very promiscuous and vain. She also doesn't like her husband, George Niven, and lies to him constantly; Ella thinks George is a pathetic weak person, she feels disgusted by George. She has killed many people and is highly neurotic. She is infatuated with Loki and has had affairs with him, even though Loki just uses her for his pleasure and has no romantic feelings for her. She is also deeply scared of Loki. Ella does not believe Loki when Loki tells her that Gaia is fearless.

George Niven: George Niven is Tom Moore's old CIA friend. He takes care of Gaia at the beginning of the novel up to the twelfth book. Although initially a good person George Niven eventually defects to Loki's side in an attempt to keep better track of Gaia. He is not trusted by Loki, because he is Tom Moore's friend and has spent many years trying to track Loki down. George Niven goes into a deep depression after Ella Niven is murdered. George Niven cannot believe that Ella would have betrayed him and works for Loki, it is hinted that George knows Ella had no feelings for him. George Niven joins Loki's side and betrays Tom Moore eventually. George Niven is eventually killed by Loki, after Loki decides George has nothing else to offer. George Niven is depicted as a kind and gentle person who is very naive to the point of being pathetic. He is blind to his wife's affairs and the contempt his wife has for him. After his wife's death he becomes more and more disillusioned with himself. George is usually described by Gaia as someone who is nice but completely out of it. George Niven is described as having blue watery eyes, having gray and white hair and being chubby.

Josh Kendall: Josh Kendall is another of Loki's henchmen, he is a prototype of the experiment Loki wanted to create with Gaia. Loki eventually wanted to create an army of Gaia's by genetically cloning them, and selling the Gaia clones as elite soldiers to the military or as body guards. Josh is his first attempt at cloning. All of the Josh's are tall, muscular, and blue eyed with black hair. There are four Josh clones. Josh 1 poses as Sam's dormitory RA and eventually shoots Sam with a gun in the back, after Sam tells Gaia that Loki is looking for her. Josh 1 also falls in love with Heather, who he was originally meant to test Loki's fearless serum on. After Heather becomes fearless, Josh 1 is killed. Josh 2 is instructed by the first one to protect Heather. During the brief time when Gaia takes Loki's fearless serum the four Josh's try to kill her. Eventually all four Josh's are killed by Loki.

Timmy: Timmy, nicknamed Sideburns Tim by Gaia, was a classmate in Gaia's class. He is introduced in the fifth book. He wore shades, had sideburns and was one of the "cool kids" in Gaia's school. Sideburns Tim turns out to be a rapist. Tim invited Gaia to a party where he tried to rape Gaia. He is physically outmatched and hurt by Gaia and sent to jail. Tim has a journal in which he names himself "Romeo", he clearly states that he is a rapist and has a list of all the girls he has raped. He also starts a game with other classmates in which they get points for having forced sex with certain girls. He is not heard from after his arrest. Gaia states that she was starting to like him for his laid back attitude, until she found out he was a sexual predator.

CJ, Marco, and Malcolm: CJ is the first antagonist in the book series, he was in books 1 and 2. He is referenced in the last book of the series as well. CJ is a skinhead, or a Neo Nazi. He is part of a white supremacy gang and tries to attack Gaia several times. In the first book he tries to kill Gaia several times, but is shot by Tom Moore, who was secretly tailing both of them.

Marco is another skin head gang member who is tasked with killing Gaia. He ends up with many failed assassination attempts on Gaia, and eventually has sex with Ella Niven. He is killed by Ella Niven eventually.

Malcolm is the cousin of CJ. He accidentally sees Gaia at a club and tries to get vengeance by attacking her with a knife. Gaia disarms him and incapacitates him, knocking him unconscious. Malcolm is described as six feet tall and has many earrings and piercings covering his body.

Droogs: Droogs are the drug users of Invince in the final part of the series. The Droogs were drug users, gangsters or thugs that had taken the Invince drug that the Rodke family had developed. They temporarily became fearless like Gaia and developed the traits that Gaia had, such as super strength, reflexes, suppressed pain sensors and increased stamina. The aftereffects of the Invince drug were devastating, leaving them unconscious, in a coma or very ill. The Droogs were composed of the neo nazi group from the beginning of the series; their mission was to kill Gaia for revenge. Although they failed in their assassination attempt they almost killed Jake and proved to be harder than usual to beat when Gaia fought them. Their suppressed pain sensors played a huge part in this, as Gaia would deliver devastating blows that broke their limbs, to no avail. Only when the droogs passed out from the effects of the drug or bled to unconsciousness would they stop attacking. The Invince Drug made the Droogs hysterical, manic, and completely violent.

Doctor Ulrich Doctor Ulrich worked for the Rodke Family and did gene resequencing on Gaia to make her feel fear, at her request. However, her original genetic code reasserted itself after a few weeks. In those few weeks, Gaia was fearful and scared all the time. She also ran from battles rather than fight as she usually did, and she started to cry when she saw a cockroach on her floor. Gaia eventually went back to her fearless nature. Doctor Ulrich eventually tried to kill Gaia in order to understand how to create a complete fearless serum. Gaia was saved before she was euthanized by him and Dr. Ulrich was shot to death by Chris Rodke.

Skizz: Skizz was Mary's drug dealer and had tried to rob Mary several times. He was obese and out of shape, he had a beard and was framed for Mary's death by Loki. He is introduced in the fourth book. Gaia eventually tries to gain revenge on Mary's death and tries to kill him but he is killed by Tom Moore before she can get to him. When Gaia first met him she sends him to the hospital after she nearly beats him to death.

The plastic surgeon: The plastic surgeon used to work for Loki as an agent and was described as someone who has no soul. His eyes are emotionless and he never smiles. The plastic surgeon was contacted by Ella Niven early in the series, he was introduced in the sixth book. He is tall and has white hair, his eyes are a green and yellow color and are said to look like a cats eye. He is an assassin that also specializes in plastic surgery. Ella hires him to capture Gaia, sedate her and mutilate her face, she does this during the beginnings of her assassination attempt on Gaia. The surgeon mistakes Gaia for another person and ends up capturing someone else. After he is done Ella Niven gladly kills him with a micro bomb she had hidden in a phone booth.

Chris Rodke: Chris Rodke is the minor antagonist of the third story arc in the Fearless series. He is the youngest son of the Rodke family who (along with his sister, Lizbeth Rodke) transfers to Gaia's school, village High. He is a chess champion and is very manipulative. Chris is very outspoken and opinionated, he loves to start speeches and debates. Chris Rodke is very handsome, he is blue eyed and blond, he is interested in dating men only as he is a homosexual. Chris Rodke becomes Gaia's friend during the beginning of the third arc, he first introduced as having started a chess game in the middle of a cafe and challenges Gaia to a match. Although Gaia is ranked as an international chess grandmaster, Gaia loses this chess match due to being distracted by all the things going on in her life. Chris and Gaia become friends quickly, due to Chris being very optimistic and friendly. Unbeknown to Gaia, Chris is actually given a job (by the Rodke corporation) of passing out the invince drug to random people, in order to test the side effects of the drug. To do this, Chris wears gray wraparound glasses, paints his hair blue and styles it into Mohawk spikes, and wears a trenchcoat. Chris calls himself "God" when he is drug dealing and that becomes his new moniker. Chris is, in reality, very insecure and jealous of his older brother. The Rodke family is ashamed of Chris for being homosexual, although they never publicly state it. Because Chris is gay the entire company is being handed over to Skylar Rodke, the older Rodke brother. This is due to the Rodke father being anti homosexuals.

Skylar Rodke Skylar Rodke was the oldest sibling of the Rodke family. At the time of the Rodke introduction to the series, Skylar is in college. Skylar is said to be very arrogant and vain. He is very wealthy and handsome. He is a body builder and is also very skilled in reading people. Skylar was able to capture Gaia by forcing her to fight several of his body guards, and then waited for her to black out after she defeated them all. When she was unconscious Skylar got her ready to be operated on and dissected. Skylar is the favored son to take over the company as he is older and more business oriented than his other two siblings. Skylar considers his brother to be a failure, since his brother is a homosexual. Skylar is arrested in the end of the series for attempted murder of Gaia Moore.

Mr.Rodke Mr. Rodke is the man who created the worldwide pharmaceutical company; Rodke pharmaceuticals, he is a very wealthy CEO and an important person. He moves to New York in order to secretly kill Gaia and replicate her fearless genetic code n a pill, in order to sell it to the military for billions of dollars. He is secretly ashamed of his youngest son Chris Rodke, for being a homosexual.

Natasha Natasha is the mother of Tatiana. She came from Russia and worked for the CIA where she met Tom Moore. Natasha romances Tom Moore and becomes his lover. Natasha moves in to live with Gaia in the second story arc and takes care of Gaia while Tom is away on missions, she lives with Gaia for a large part of the second arc of the storyline. Natasha is very similar in manner to Gaia's mother. She has similar facial features and is a master of languages, she is a kind but strong person. At first Gaia doesn't trust Natasha, but later she comes to view her as a mother figure. In the end, Gaia's suspicions are confirmed true as Natasha and Tatiana betray Gaia and try to kill her. Natasha betrayed Gaia after finding out that her daughter, Tatiana, would not become the new leader of the crime organization that belonged to Yuri. The position of leader ship was secretly given to Gaia, without Gaia's knowledge. She is attempts to kill Gaia many times but is caught with the help of the FBI and the CIA. It is revealed that she looks very similar to Katia Moore, because she is actually Katia's cousin. For this reason, she was chosen to try to romance Tom Moore.

Tatianna Tatianna is the daughter of Natasha. Tatianna is the same age as Gaia when she is introduced to the series, and she goes to Gaia's highschool; Village High. Tatianna became a popular person at their highschool relatively quickly as she is very talkative and friendly. Tatiana developed a crush on Ed Fargo and tries to date him. At the moment in the series, Ed still had strong feelings for Gaia, so he declined. Tatianna looks similar to her mother, has a nice personality and is very athletic; she likes tennis. Tatiana's sweet attitude and cheerfulness irritates Gaia, because Gaia senses that something about her is fake. At first Gaia is rude, stubborn and cold towards Tatiana. But they later become strong friends. Tatianna eventually betrays Gaia and attempts to kill her several times. It is revealed that the reason Tatianna and Natasha try to kill Gaia, is because they actually work as Russian criminal undercover operatives. The Russian organization they belong to is Yuri's, and he has plans to capture Gaia and make her the new leader. This makes both Tatianna and Natasha want to kill Gaia, as originally Tatianna was supposed to inherit leadership.

Yuri Yuri (alias Dmitri) is an old Russian terrorist with a large criminal organization. He is the father of Katia Moore and ends up imprisoning Oliver Moore (alias Loki) in a prison camp for raping his daughter, Katia Moore. Yuri is an evil person with no morals or compassion. Shortly after capturing Oliver Moore, Oliver ends up taking over and becoming the new leader of Yuri's organization. Oliver Moore adopts the name Loki and imprisons Yuri in a prison camp. Many years later, Gaia and Sam end up at Loki's abandoned prison camp searching for Tom Moore and find the imprisoned Yuri, who tells them his name is Dmitri. After escaping from prison, Yuri immediately begins to plan the take over of Loki's organization. yuri still has many men that work for him, this new crime organization was supposed to be led by Tatianna, Natasha's daughter. But Yuri eventually realizes that Gaia would make a better candidate. Yuri lives with Sam Moon for a short while, until he realizes that Natasha and Tatianna are trying to kill Gaia. He then escapes after his identity is revealed. Yuri has captured Tom Moore in a prison in Siberia. Due to the combined efforts of Gaia Moore, Jake Montone and Oliver Moore; Tom Moore is rescued. Yuri is eventually captured by them as well.

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