FC Argeş Piteşti

FC Argeş Piteşti

Fotbal Club Argeș Pitești, commonly called FC Argeș, is a Romanian football club from Pitești, Argeș county. Founded in 1953, the team won two Romanian championships and played in one Romanian cup final.

FC Argeș plays in violet and white, and its home ground is the Nicolae Dobrin Stadium. The team spent 44 season in Liga I, the country's top football division, but currently play in the second league after their forced relegation at the end of the 2008-09 season of Liga I.

FC Argeș and Universitatea Craiova are considered the most important football clubs in producing quality players after the World War II. FC Argeș was represented by a number of outstanding players in the last decades, like Nicolae Dobrin, Adrian Mutu, Nicolae Dică and Marin Radu.

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