FBO may refer to:

  • Faith-based organization, an organization with religious motivation.
  • Family business office, an organization that manages investments and trusts for a single wealthy family.
  • Film Booking Offices of America, a 1920s American film studio.
  • Fixed base operator, an aviation business that serves the general aviation industry with items such as fuel, fuel services, catering and customs.
  • Forest beat officer, a state as opposed to national government forest ranger in India.
  • "For the benefit of", also abbreviated "F/B/O".
  • Framebuffer Object, a computer graphics term.
  • Office of Foreign Building Operations, the U.S. State Department office handling the building of consulates and embassies.
  • Foxtel Box Office, a pay-per-view movie channel owned by Foxtel.
  • For Benefit of, when is written in a check, meaning that the check final beneficiary is someone else.

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Million Air - History
... franchised and corporate owned or managed FBOs in North America and the Caribbean and is headquartered in Houston, Texas ... The first FBO was built in Addison, Texas (Dallas) and at the time, was the first luxury FBO in aviation history ... with service and luxury beyond providing the traditional services of an FBO ...
Framebuffer Object - Architecture
... To use an FBO one simply creates an instance of it ... Along with the FBO come several attachments, one can then attach these to a chosen receiver either a texture, or a render buffer ... For example Create an FBO ...
Barnes Municipal Airport - Facilities - Fixed Base Operators
... Barnes Municipal Airport has two fixed base operators (FBOs) ... is the newest FBO, operating in the new terminal building which includes a conference room, weather facilities, and comprehensive pilot services ... They sell Shell fuel and provide all typical FBO services ...
Atlas Aviation
... Atlas Aviation is a premier full service FBO chain in Tampa Florida that is located at Peter O ... The FBO offers fuel services, aircraft maintenance, hangar storage, tiedown, flight instruction and aircraft rental services ... Aviation, which has owned and operated two FBO's for over a year and recently sold their Merrit Island FBO ...