Fast Reactors

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Nuclear Reactor - Reactor Types - Classifications - Classification By Type of Nuclear Reaction
... All commercial power reactors are based on nuclear fission ... Fission reactors can be divided roughly into two classes, depending on the energy of the neutrons that sustain the fission chain reaction Thermal reactors use slowed or ... Almost all current reactors are of this type ...
Fast-neutron Reactor - Nuclear Reactor Design - Coolant
... Water, the most common coolant in thermal reactors, is generally not a feasible coolant for a fast reactor, because it acts as a neutron moderator ... However the Generation IV reactor known as the supercritical water reactor with decreased coolant density may reach a hard enough neutron spectrum to be considered a fast reactor ... Breeding, which is the primary advantage of fast over thermal reactors, may be accomplished with a thermal, light-water cooled moderated system using very high enriched (~90%) uranium ...
Generation IV Reactor - Reactor Types - Fast Reactors - Lead-cooled Fast Reactor (LFR)
... Main article Lead-cooled fast reactor See also MYRRHA and BREST-300 The lead-cooled fast reactor features a fast-neutron-spectrum lead or lead/bismuth eutectic (LBE) liquid-metal-cooled ... The LFR is cooled by natural convection with a reactor outlet coolant temperature of 550 °C, possibly ranging up to 800 °C with advanced materials ...

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