Fast Neutron Reactors

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Plutonium - Applications - Mixed Oxide Fuel
... Accidental neutron capture causes the amount of plutonium-242 and 240 to grow each time the plutonium is irradiated in a reactor with low-speed "thermal" neutrons, so ... If fast neutron reactors are not available (the normal case), excess plutonium is usually discarded, and forms the longest-lived component of nuclear waste ... of the waste is the usual reason nuclear engineers give to make fast neutron reactors ...
Peak Uranium - Possible Effects and Consequences
... Introduction of fast neutron reactors, combined with seawater uranium extraction, would make the uranium supply virtually inexhaustible ... There are currently seven experimental fast neutron reactors running globally, in India, Japan, Russia and China ... Fast neutron reactors (breeder reactors) could utilize large amounts of Uranium-238 indirectly by conversion to Plutonium-239, rather than fissioning primarily just Uranium-235 (which is 0.7% of original mined uranium ...

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