Fashion Photography

Fashion photography has been in existence since 1839. There was always the existence of fashionable dress, but the idea of taking photographs to help sell clothing and accessories had just come into play. Fashion photography is a genre of photography devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items. Fashion photography is most often conducted for advertisements or fashion magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, or Elle. Over time, fashion photography has developed its own aesthetic in which the clothes and fashions are enhanced by the presence of exotic locations or accessories.

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Contemporary Fashion Photography - Still Life Fashion
... Still Life Fashion is a type of fashion photography devoted to the photographing of clothing without models ... Still Life Fashion has become an important part of all fashion retailers' marketing and e-commerce strategies, with studios devoted to the production of this particular photography brand ... Still life photography This type of photography focuses on capturing objects on camera that are purposely grouped together to make a certain composition ...
Henry Bond - Fashion Photography
... late-1990s and early-2000s, Bond contributed fashion editorial stories to The Face, i-D, Self Service, Purple and the now defunct Nova ... One fashion photograph made by Bond, originally published in the March 2000 issue of The Face, depicted the model Kirsten Owen revealing her panties in a manner typical of the ... In 2008, examples of Bond's fashion photographs from this period were included in an international survey exhibition of contemporary photography selected by Urs Stahel, Darkside ...
Clayton James Cubitt - Career - Fashion Photography
... In 2005, Cubitt collaborated on a generative art fashion series series with creative coder Tom Carden ... Cubitt is also known for "Lagos Calling," an alternate-reality fashion story that reimagined the skinhead fashion movement as a product of late-1960s Lagos, Nigeria, rather than London ... a series called "Damaged Doll" that featured pornographic actress Justine Joli in a sexual, high-fashion context ...

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    Too many photographers try too hard. They try to lift photography into the realm of Art, because they have an inferiority complex about their Craft. You and I would see more interesting photography if they would stop worrying, and instead, apply horse-sense to the problem of recording the look and feel of their own era.
    Jessie Tarbox Beals (1870–1942)

    Man is made to adore and to obey: but if you will not command him, if you give him nothing to worship, he will fashion his own divinities, and find a chieftain in his own passions.
    Benjamin Disraeli (1804–1881)