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Battle Of Cuito Cuanavale - Cuito Cuanavale
... SADF had cornered the remnants of three FAPLA units on the east of the Cuito River, across from the town itself and was poised to destroy them ... The quite demoralised 59th FAPLA motorised infantry brigade, 21st and 25th FAPLA light infantry brigades, in positions near Tumpo and east of the Cuito River, were ... With no functioning armour or artillery remaining, the FAPLA-units faced annihilation ...
Cuban Intervention In Angola - Cuba's Second Intervention - Cuito Cuanavale
... Saludando Octubre and once more the Soviets upgraded the FAPLA's equipment including 150 T-55 and T-54B tanks and Mi-24 and Mi-8/Mi-17 helicopters ... From the very start of the FAPLA-offensive it was clear to Pretoria that UNITA could not withstand the onslaught and on 4 August 1987 launched clandestine Operation Modular, which engaged in the first ... The FAPLA reached the northern banks of the Lomba River near Mavinga on 28 August and were expected by the SADF ...

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