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Fictional Team Biography

The team first appeared in What If (volume 2) #105 (1998), an issue that focused on Spider-Girl, the daughter of Spider-Man. Spider-Girl became popular and was given her own series, along with the other characters in the MC2 universe (including the Fantastic Five). The Fantastic Five's series lasted only five issues, but they remained recurring characters in the Spider-Girl title, which lasted for 100 issues in its first volume. A new Fantastic Five mini-series was published in 2007, after the success of two mini-series events set in MC2 line.

In the first series, it was revealed that "Big Brain" is a drone controlled from the Negative Zone, where Sue Storm is held in a kind of stasis. Her powers are holding back a breach in reality, and Reed is at her side. When this problem is corrected, Reed and Sue return to Earth.

The team also appears in Last Hero Standing and Last Planet Standing.

In Spider-Girl and Last Planet Standing, additional children of the original Fantastic Four are shown as members of the Fantastic Five, including Super-Storm (Torus Storm, son of Lyja and Johnny Storm, who possesses the powers of both parents), Grim (Jacob "Jake" Grimm, son of Ben Grimm, stuck in a rock-like yet strong form like his father), and Rad (Alyce Grimm, daughter of Ben Grimm, twin sister of Jacob, appears to have radiation-oriented powers, including flight). Doom, aka Kristoff Vernard, is also shown to be a member of the "young" Fantastic Five; he wears Doctor Doom-like armor.

A five issue mini series called Fantastic Five was published. It features such characters as: Psi-Lord, Invisible Woman, Thing, Sharon Ventura, Human Torch, Ms. Fantastic (Lyja Storm), Mr. Fantastic and Dr. Doom.

Doom, imprisoned for years by the Sub-Mariner, finally breaks free, and imbues countless robotic duplicates with the Power Cosmic. Just one robot manages to decimate the Five and destroy Ben's robotic implants. Although the team manages to stop the robot by trapping it in a stasis beam, the real Doom appears and banishes the younger members to a spaceship orbiting earth, and trapping the others within Mr. Fantastic's own rubbery body. Franklin has the others remove the inner shielding of the ship, and exposes himself to a massive amount of cosmic rays, which increases his powers dramatically. He manages to destroy the Doombot guarding them, but is greatly pained by using his increased powers. Doom, seeking to humble Reed once and for all, has the other freed from his body, and has Reed and himself plugged into an Infinity Device for a mental duel, the loser of which will have his mind sent to the Crossroads of Infinity. Reed's teammates use the opportunity to escape, and with Kristoff's help, shut down the cosmically powered Doombots. Reed and Doom are shown to be evenly matched in their duel, and both minds are sent to the crossroads as a result, leaving their bodies blank and motionless. Sue and Kristoff decide to remain in Latveria and look after Reed, while Alyce goes home with her mother. Ben's son Jacob takes Reed's place in the F5.

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