Fantastic Five

Fantastic Five is the name of superhero team that exists in the MC2 Universe, an alternate future to the Marvel Universe. A continuation of the Fantastic Four, the team was originally composed of the Human Torch, his wife Ms.Fantastic/Lyja (a Skrull), the Thing, Big Brain (Reed Richards' remote-controlled robotic body), and Psi-Lord (Franklin Richards, Reed's son).

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List Of Fantastic Four Members - Fantastic Five
... In the MC2 alternate future, the team is known as the Fantastic Five and consists of the following members John Storm (the Human Torch) (team leader) Franklin Richards (Psi-Lord) Ben Grimm (the Thing ... Fantastic) Reed Richards (controlling a robot body remotely) (Big Brain) This version appears frequently in Spider-Girl and were the focus of a Fantastic Five limited series ...
Fantastic Five - Other Versions
... What If..? #1 is set in an alternative universe where Spider-Man joins the Fantastic Four (rather than leaving when he learns there isn't a salary, as happened in The. 2) #27 showed Namor joining the Fantastic Four, briefly making it the Fantastic Five until Reed Richards left to found Richards Technology ... At the beginning of the issue, they began killing the members of the Fantastic Five, which consisted of Mister Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, the Thing, and Spider-Man ...

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