Factor XI

Factor XI or plasma thromboplastin antecedent is the zymogen form of factor XIa, one of the enzymes of the coagulation cascade. Like many other coagulation factors, it is a serine protease. In humans, Factor XI is encoded by the F11 gene.

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Haemophilia C
... It is caused by a deficiency of coagulation factor XI and is distinguished from haemophilia A and B by the fact it does not lead to bleeding into the joints ... Furthermore, it has autosomal inheritance, since the gene for factor XI is located on chromosome 4 (close to the prekallikrein gene) and it is not completely recessive, individuals who are heterozygous also show ... In these cases, fresh frozen plasma or recombinant factor XI may be used, but only if necessary ...
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Factor XI - Role in Disease
... Deficiency of factor XI causes the rare hemophilia C this mainly occurs in Ashkenazi Jews and is believed to affect approximately 8% of that population, of both sexes ... Low levels of factor XI also occur in many other disease states, including Noonan syndrome ... High levels of factor XI have been implicated in thrombosis, although it is uncertain what determines these levels and how serious the procoagulant state is ...

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