Eyed White

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Chinese Hamster - Colour Mutations
... hamsters, normal/wild type, dominant spot and black-eyed white ... United Kingdom (UK), whereas the black-eyed white is extremely rare only a few are owned by hobbyist breeders in the UK ... Black-eyed white Normal/wild type Dominant spot ...
Pet Rabbits - Genetics
... There can also be no pigment, causing an albino or white rabbit ... smoke pearl, seal) c(h)= Himalayan, body white with extremities ("points") colored in black, blue, chocolate or lilac, pink eyes c= albino (ruby-eyed ... on body Enen= Broken rabbit with roughly even distribution of color and white enen= Solid color with no white areas "Du" represents the Dutch color pattern, (the front of the face ...

Famous quotes containing the words white and/or eyed:

    Live and let live, believe and let believe.
    ‘Twas said the lesser gods were only traits
    Of the one awful God. Just so the saints
    Are God’s white light refracted into colors.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)

    And the child not caring to whom he climbs his prayer
    Shall drown in a grief as deep as his made grave,
    And mark the dark eyed wave, through the eyes of sleep,
    Dragging him up the stairs to one who lies dead.
    Dylan Thomas (1914–1953)