Eyeblink Conditioning - Neural Circuitry For EBC - CS-US Convergence in The Cerebellum

CS-US Convergence in The Cerebellum

Two cerebellar sites of CS-US convergence are 1) cells of the deep nuclear region, and 2) PCs of the cortex. In addition to receiving converging CS and US input via the PN and IO, respectively, cells of the cerebellar nuclei receive GABA-ergic inhibitory input from PCs of the cerebellar cortex. Output from the interpositus nucleus includes projections to the red nucleus, and the red nucleus sends projections to the facial and abducens nuclei. These nuclei supply the motor output component of the reflexive eyeblink. Therefore, in addition to being a site of stimulus convergence, the deep nuclei are also the cerebellum’s output structure.

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