• (verb): Look at.
    Synonyms: eye
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Eyeball Records
... Eyeball Records was an independent record label based in Northern New Jersey, formed in 1995 by Alex Saavedra ... Eyeball Records also had an imprint label Astro Magnetics, which was owned by Eyeball Records manager Marc Debiak, Alex Saavedra and Thursday's Geoff Rickly ... Eyeball Records was also home to the Eyeball Alliance, a team of fans who support and promote the label through online marketing ...
Shahr-e Sukhteh - Finds
... the world's earliest known artificial eyeball ... On both sides of the eye are drilled tiny holes, through which a golden thread could hold the eyeball in place ... clear imprints of the golden thread, the eyeball must have been worn during her lifetime ...
Suspensory Ligament Of Eyeball
... ligament (of Lockwood) forms a hammock stretching below the eyeball between the medial and lateral check ligaments and enclosing the inferior rectus ... to support the eye, and prevents downward displacement of the eyeball ...
D. James Goodwin - Limited Discography
... London Fire "I Sing the Body Holographic" 2006 Eyeball Records Baumer "Were It Not For You" 2007 Eyeball records Kiss Kiss "Reality vs ... the Optimist" 2006 Eyeball Records ...
Conjunctiva - Anatomy - Gross Anatomy
... Bulbar or ocular conjunctiva Covers the eyeball, over the sclera ... conjunctiva is tightly bound to the underlying sclera by Tenon's capsule and moves with the eyeball movements ... It is loose and flexible, allowing the free movement of the lids and eyeball ...

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  • (noun): The ball-shaped capsule containing the vertebrate eye.
    Synonyms: orb